More Caffeine Studio

Welcome Home

We’re a family here at More Caffeine, from Jared and Stephanie, from their staff and freelancers to all their clients.  Everyone at More Caffeine Studio has a function and a place at the table.

Right from the get go.

Our philosophy is to start every one of our clients out right.  We want to give each one of the websites that we build the same treatment we give our own, handcrafted, custom designed, well search engined love. When you build with us you know that you will get a site that will last you several years.

We may be small, but we are mighty. 

You don’t have to work with a big firm to get a big firm website. That’s 2008 logic. WordPress leveled that playing field.  We have the same infrastructure (better, in fact) as the big guys, and you don’t have to go through all the big price tags and the bureaucracy to get to the guys in charge.  The guys in charge of More Caffeine are the guys in charge of getting the work done.

We’re new here.

You may not have heard of us yet. We’re new here. Well, WE are not new here but More Caffeine is new here. Jared and Stephanie have been in these parts for many years before jumping ship and bailing out north. You have probably seen us around downtown from time to time or maybe have heard of us as we are active in the tech community in Charleston. More Caffeine started in Virginia and then we made the move back to Charleston, SC because it was just too cold up there.

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